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Due Diligence

The YARD Group is specialised in the preparation and drafting of technical, legal and environmental due diligence to support the Client in real estate transactions and in the rationalisation and correct management of properties, as well as with advisory processes at the property transfer phase and in the definition of guarantees at the sale phase.


It guarantees an accurate and reliable service, from the direct measurement of the size and characteristics of the asset and the in-depth documentary verification to the rectification of non-conformities.


YARD is able to provide Clients with a certified document base in support of any investment and disinvestment choice.


Number of properties subject to Due Diligence/2018: 800

Energy certificates/2018: 450

Square meters analysed/2018: roughly 2,000,000

Number of properties subject to rectifications for transactions/2018: 300

The Group employs the most modern and effective methodologies and instruments, expert and specialist personnel and cutting edge IT tools: physical and virtual data rooms, advanced survey and rendering technologies, technological instruments for technical, construction-building installation surveys.


Thanks to electronic media and the high value added also by the network, with a widespread presence throughout the country, it is able to provide technical advisory services for both single trophy assets and property portfolios, ensuring high quality and observance of the relevant timescales.


The high expertise of the resources, including in urban planning, ensures that investors are supported in all processes involving property purchase-sale, maintenance and definition of transformations targeted at value enhancement.

  • Architectural surveys, topographic surveys, 3d laser scanners, area measurements, digital graphic rendering
  • P&E surveys (graphic reconstruction of building installations through surveys in the field, including invasive surveys for in-depth inspections)
  • Data room and document cataloguing (paper and/or electronic)
  • Town planning and construction, land registry and ownership analysis (document retrieval from authorities, analysis, valuation, rectification activities)
  • Legal and administrative analysis (verification of ownership and previous purchase/sale deed) and accounting-administrative situation of the asset)
  • Construction and building installation analyses (verification of the state of maintenance and repair, document analysis, reporting of pending issues)
  • Environmental analyses (surveys in the field, also with sampling, document analysis, reporting of liabilities)
  • Determination of CAP.EX (calculation of costs for regulatory adjustments and to restore safety and accessibility conditions)
  • Scheduled maintenance plan
  • Lease analyses (analyses of existing lease agreements, verification of occupancy and comparison with the area leased)
  • Town planning compliance – building rectification, land registry, administrative, tax, legal activities
  • Check of Energy performance Certificates (energy classification of the property through an analysis of building installation and structural elements)
  • Certifications of land registry compliance pursuant to Law 122/10
  • Town planning feasibility studies
  • Development and loan monitoring for verification of progress, Progress Report approval
  • Definition of values for insurance purposes