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Facility & Building Management

YARD Group presents itself as a reliable partner capable of guaranteeing the constant and optimal functioning of the property structures it is responsible for, with the goal of satisfying users’ needs and rationalising and optimising management and running costs.


The company has a solid structure capable of effectively organising and controlling all technical aspects and ensuring fully functional and efficient buildings.


Initiatives and activities/last two-year: 15,963

Properties managed/last two-year: 1,313

Through an accurate and well-structured supplier qualification system and a building manager structure organised by regional hubs, it guarantees its Clients the maintenance and increase in value and use of the assets over time.

  • Design and creation of complex systems for the provision of services to properties and individuals (drafting of budgets, re-engineering of pre-existing services, monitoring of projects and facility services, preparation of reports, rationalisation and optimisation of management and running costs)
  • Management of building services (staff leasing and services supply contracts, e.g. energy, cleaning, reception, landscape management etc.)
  • Management of maintenance services (planning of maintenance work, preventive, corrective, emergency repairs and extraordinary maintenance, planned site visits to properties, optimisation of building installations)
  • Energy Management (energy audit and certification, planning of optimisation initiatives to reduce consumption and guarantee energy savings)
  • Monitoring of building services and maintenance in the case of double net agreements (periodic verification of tenants’ compliance with contractual obligations, verification of maintenance works following accidental damage events)
  • Information and reporting (timely and constant drafting of information notices and periodic reports for Clients)