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Property Management

YARD Group guarantees the economic, administrative and technical management of the asset for the protection of the profitability and value of the property.


By establishing collaborative relations with tenants, it is able to help owners resolve management issues, keeping them constantly informed of the asset condition.


The service offered is characterised by efficiency, risk control and completeness of information.


Funds and Companies managed/last two-year period: 32

Assets/last two-year period: 9.2 billion

Properties/last two-year period: 1,313

Square metres of properties managed/last two-year: 10,309,142

Rent roll/last two-year period: 215,000,000

Lease agreements/last two-year period: 3,013

In a market where Property Management is too often looked upon as ordinary management even today, YARD’s approach is geared heavily towards objectives, privileging quality and remuneration over results.


Property Management is required to manage not only standard purely administrative and/or accounting activities, but various analytical/management activities, that impact both the sales and distribution cycle and the purchasing cycle.

  • Assumption of responsibility for the property (analysis of the existing documentation, creation of the data room dedicated to the individual assets, establishment of a technical-administrative call centre, definition of the budget for individual properties)
  • Accounting and administrative management of properties and property units (management of lease relations, preparation of quotes, final balances, adjustments, distribution of expenses, operational management of insurance policy, management of taxes, of arrears, tenants, administrative management, purchasing cycle)
  • Legal assistance
  • Management of relations with tenants (communications to tenants, management of reporting of faults and/or malfunctions, including via call centres, termination and renewals of lease agreements, resolution of tenant-related critical issues)
  • Drafting of periodic reports
  • Preparation of the elements needed for disposals